Beaches, Relaxation

'Our' beach is at Dunagoil Bay - a small secluded spot lying below the site of Dunagoil Fort, and a place to spend sunny days on the sandy beach, exploring the numerous rock pools and swimming in shallow waters, and where in the evening, spectacular summer sunsets draw the day to a close. It is atmospheric too when the sun does not shine, crashing waves bring an all together different ambience to the beach on one of our windy days. Further round the coastline and at the southernmost tip of the farm is Garroch Head, and then one of our favourite coves Port Leithe – or as we call it, 'smugglers bay'. Glencalum Bay with its lighthouse, sits at the south of the farm facing out across the Firth of Clyde towards Little Cumbrae and the Ayrshire coastline and has unusual black sand created from the volcanic activity millions of years ago. This deep water bay played host to ships sheltering from the storms as they waited to set sale across the Atlantic, and remains of an Inn can be found amongst the bracken a short way up the glen.

But of course, you are here to relax. We hope that you will find some time to resist all that there is to do and spend time in Shepherd's Cottage and on the lawns to soak up the peace and beauty of Plan Farm. You will find the cottage fully equipped with indoor and outdoor games, garden furniture, log fires and barbeque. We are here to help you enjoy your stay, and hope you fall in love with Shepherd's Cottage and the whole of Plan Farm.