Exploring, Wildlife

Caves around the coastline, hiding places in the hills and scree to go scrambling, provide endless opportunities for young and old to go exploring. Plan Farm has been the home for our family, and a wonderful place to bring up two small boys (now men!) and we hope that you too can enjoy your own adventures in this wonderfully natural and unspoilt location. Don't miss the caves at Port Dornach.

Watch out for the wildlife. Rabbits and hares, buzzards and gulls are common everyday visitors, but you are also very likely to spot deer, rare and common butterflies, moths and dragonflies. In the evenings listen out for the barn owl and tawny owl who live at the farm, and by day around the coast you will sea seals basking on the rocks, and eider ducks, and oystercatchers in abundance. With a little patience you might even spot the sparrow-hawk, hen harrier and peregrine.