The Farm & The Family

Plan Farm comprises some 1600 acres (590 hectares) at the south end of Bute. Although the highest point, Suidhe Chatain, is only 153m above sea level the terrain is stunning and in places dramatic where it rises straight from the sea. The farm is home to 100 suckler cows which calve in the spring and to 700 ewes which lamb in April.

Since coming to the farm in 1994 from Somerset with two small boys who were then aged 6 and 4, we have devoted our whole energy in to improving the land and all the infrastructure that goes to make it the working farm it is today.

The sheep flock is the total responsibility of Janet, ably assisted by our shepherd, Lisa, who joined us in 2013. Brian takes care of the cow herd along with land management, fencing, drains and all the other needs of a busy livestock farm. Both cattle and sheep are all home-bred using native breeds that have been selected to complement our farming ethos.

The farming system is one of respect for nature, the soil and the welfare of our animals. All the animals live on the species-rich grassland throughout the year. Whilst our system cannot claim to the actual status of 'organic' it is certainly very extensive with many environmentally friendly practices being part of our daily routine. The abundant wildlife you will experience during your stay is witness to how modern farming can work in harmony with nature.