The Sheep

Like the cows, the sheep at Plan Farm are native British breeds. The small, pretty, white-faced Lleyn ewes are ideally suited to living outside on the hills all year round, and have strong and natural maternal instincts. Mostly rearing two lambs each year and frequently triplets, they produce plenty of milk to look after their young.

Janet, who is in charge of 'all things sheep' has been using modern technology alongside traditional shepherding skills, to record every ewe's performance, only using the very best ewes to breed pure Lleyn ewe lambs to keep for future breeding within the flock. All the lesser performing ewes are put to the Hampshire Down ram to produce lambs for the prime market. All the sheep on the farm, except the Lleyn rams bought in to introduce new genes, are born and bred at Plan Farm.

The Hampshire Down rams are home bred from a small Pedigree flock of Hampshire Down ewes – also known as Janet's 'fun' sheep. She has had recent success at local and county shows, with her stock featuring in the top 5% of the breed in the country. These great big woolly monsters are quiet and comical and are always much admired.

Not to be forgotten, is the important part of the work-force – our faithful border collies. Fly is the matron of the pack and lets Molly and Harvey do the bulk of the work these days. Tweed and Bob are in the middle of training and can't wait to help, whilst Kite and Luca, who have met sheep, mostly like to just play all day.